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Let me introduce myself and just some small details about my life. My love for dance 💃 I grew up with a family that loved black gospel music. I felt the on 2 beat when I was 4 or 5 seriously. I today put black gospel music on and dance. I have experienced the holy spirit through my dance. I was in poms with Ms. Angela she had no fear and we won our competition. I was a Abraham Lincoln high school cheer leader for 2 year's until I had baby 1 Jason Lucero at the age of 16 pregnant so I went off to work after finishing high school. He is now 25 years & I have 1 grand baby from him and his wife. Dancing musica nortentias, musica banda, merengue, and cumbia for many years with a favorite ❤ cousin Ms. Castro. Met my 2nd daughters dad at the greyhound on my way to dance and out came beautiful Brittnay a few years later. Now she is 21 & a beautiful secretary in cherry creek. Supporting my 2 children I kept myself in good athletic shape was blessed and a huge example to other young mother's. I took many fitness classes at that time raising my 2 children like yoga, Zumba, Kangoo jumps, and hip hop dance. Ibeven became a certified instructor at that point still today certified in zumba toning and zumba dance.. At that point I got married lived in conifer in my 1st marriage to my last 2 children Juanito & Inocencia Sierra. I remember dancing in my living room making up routines in my mountain home getting all sweaty. At that time I used cds from the library to learn cumbia on a huge TV. The family split up my kids your kids to much drama. We went our ways and we all get along today so much better as co-parents where there's a will there's a way. With the help of my parents I wouldn't of never made it where I am today. I have completed my time in the corporate business & now worked up to an entrepreneur life style. I am the proud owner of Cordova Cleaning Denver LLC. Now teaching, growing other strong woman to clean & run a cleaning route. I created Cordova Cleaning Denver Entrepreneurs also window cleaning year round. Running on its own but I'm still here. I have decided to open my own Dance studio. Inocence Dance opened in January 2021 at Uptown Nutrition thanks to a grest team of Entrepreneurs that allowed me no pressure and welcomed us to start there Mrs. Adry & Oscar if you don't have family and you need connection it's there. Thank you. I was inspired by my coach Marina Lucero to try some products of Herbalife and now decided in 2020 to help coach. My reasons I know definitely I needed connection, goals and good habits they were so like minded it blew me away. I truly belive I have become a better person because I'm on a new journey in life. I will miss my cleanimg clients and maybe I'll go step out with my basket again you never know. I have meet millions of people that i have passed by in my life. As I step out into my next pathway in life please welcome 🙏 Inocence Dance & Fitness by my amazing children and I. I hope to develop new friendships each day leaving the past behind all the negative the bad the ugly. I have struggled to get here lots of hard work, studying, coaching only the weak die right. I'm grand opening with a NASM CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER DEGREE! So very proud of myself so I will be learning daily new things. My 2nd son Juanito will be graduating 🎓 2021. Congratulations son 👏💙. My daughter Inocencia will be continuing her dance education & comps also schooling hopefully in a dance arts school with like minded children and young adults this next year in Parker. Thanks for listening, reading now you know alittle bit about me let's connect some how I'd love to meet & hear your beautiful life jorneys.

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